Is ofc appointment same as dropbox

I need to get a dropbox appointment for a visa (H1B visa renewal

Hey all, I (Indian citizen) got selected in the 2nd H1b visa lottery round of 2023. Earlier this year after getting rejected in 1st lottery round, I had planned my wedding in December, for which I will be in India for the entire month, returning to USA in Jan 2024. However, now, after I got picked, I will have to get a Dropbox appointment ...My family completed their Dropbox appointment on Monday 9/20 in Mumbai. Though we had prepared all documents as per instructions on email, all they asked was Primary applicants current I-797A , each applicant's respective current I-797A, then documents for exemption from PP (President's Proclamation)/NIE (National Interest exemption), photos and passports of course

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Dashboard. Applicants are able to see the available dates before cancelling their appointments. 1) Click on 'Reschedule Appointment ' button: once you schedule your first appointment, the new menu 'Reschedule Appointment' button appears on the left menu bar. If you want to reschedule your interview appointment, please click it.The OFC appointment involves biometric data collection (fingerprints and photograph) and is conducted at an offsite location run by a third-party service provider. The OFC appointment is separate from the visa interview appointment, which takes place at the US embassy or consulate.If you aspire to study in the US, the OFC appointment is a crucial step enabled by the US embassy to streamline the visa application process. Remember to schedule your OFC appointment in alignment with your visa interview, as the two go hand in hand.Do you need to schedule, reschedule, or cancel your U.S. visa appointment? Visit the Appointment Manager to manage your appointment online. You can also find useful information and tips on how to prepare for your interview.Hi, I am currently in US, and will be travelling to India in Nov '15 for vacation. when i submitted my DS 160, i had selected Chennai consulate as the place of interview (which is also my work location). My employer had also scheduled the interview with the same consulate, but it was changed to Hyderabad location as it is more convenient for …from the date i paid MRV, i am trying for their regular appointment slots, i see some dates for OFC when i proceed to next screen there are no dates available ( i tried for 4 consulate locations mumbai, hydrabad, chennai and also delhi), but i see same above response ofc dates i am able to slect and later screen no in-person appointment dates.Dec 22, 2023 · from the date i paid MRV, i am trying for their regular appointment slots, i see some dates for OFC when i proceed to next screen there are no dates available ( i tried for 4 consulate locations mumbai, hydrabad, chennai and also delhi), but i see same above response ofc dates i am able to slect and later screen no in-person appointment dates. Follow the steps, which include photographs, application form, creating a profile, and paying visa fees. Interview Waiver Program “DropBox”. If you qualify for the interview waiver or DropBox option for US visa renewal, you will need to schedule an appointment to visit the document drop-off locations in order to submit your documents.March 11, 2021 - The U.S. Department of State made a significant announcement in March, expanding the eligibility period from 24 months from expiry to 48 months from expiry. Additionally, they extended the interview waiver or Dropbox eligibility with the 48-month time frame until December 31, 2021. December 29, 2020 - In response to the ...So I had to schedule the VAC appointment and the Consular appointment for a renewal that is previously approved for Interview Waiver. Has anyone faced this? I have just scheduled one just in case and it is in Feb 2021 which was the first available appointment in Chennai. I thought I would only have to schedule one Chennai IW …9 professionals answered this question asked by a user in the Desi Consultants bowl. Join the conversation on Glassdoor's community!OFC appointment documents - Original passport, Appointment Confirmation Page, DS-160 confirmation Page. Fingerprint and US visa photo taken at OFC center. ... In that case, just drop your documents in dropbox and wait for your visa approval confirmation. Most dropbox locations in India are the same as OFC centers. You will need your DS-160 ...An OFC appointment is intended to simplify and speed up visa processing. During this appointment, your biometrics and visa photograph will be taken. It’s a simple and straightforward process that occurs before your visa interview. Once you complete your OFC appointment, you will be able to attend your visa interview.But one thing I understood is that. You cannot reschedule the appointments more than 3 times. Otherwise, you would have to pay MRV fee again! There is no option to change just the consular dates. Either you need to change the whole ofc and consular or else just go with what you have.What worked at the end was to do ‘Close and start a new application’. I used the same DS-160 receipt and the same payment receipt in the new application. Booked the date through the same workflow, without logging out. This time everything worked and I was allowed to book, only the drop box OFC appointment. ReplyUS visa scheduling portal issues: Solutions: I had paid fees in old portal and then migrated to new portal, I logged in as per instructions and got only. "Continue application" tab which kept looping in with document delivery. Solution: Close and restart application and fill in all details and this went till the payment page.Applicants can still drop off and pick up their interview waiver documents at any of the 5 VACs or 6 Document Drop Off Centers located throughout India. Documents will be forwarded to the Chennai office. However, if an in person interview is required, it will be held at the Chennai location. The U.S. Consulate General in Chennai is located at:Outside of Office Hours, contact: 02-398-5000. Outside of Ecuador: 011-593-2-398-5000. Emergency Contacts - All Locations; International Parental Child Abduction; ... In general, follow up interview appointments will be available within a few weeks after we notify you that your case requires an interview with a consular officer.H1B - OFC Dropbox Appointment . Hi Guys, ... Will Singapore youth be facing the same terrifying fate as those in South Korea? youtubeAfter the payment i just opened up the 2 applicAtion on 2 laptops so i can book the time slots at same time. So they can go the interview.( interview is scheduled for next month) ... Successfully booked a single OFC/Dropbox appointment for both Primary + Dependent ... and booked OFC appointments and Visa interviews for 1 primary and 4 ...Under the heading “OFC Appointment”, I see CHENNAI IW as my (correct) option, above which is the constant notification in yellow highlight: There are currently no appointments available. No calendar opens up. ... Am having the same issue. Trying to book a dropbox appointment for Delhi location. Please share an update if any of you is …Dropbox OFC appointment dates. Like this thread 71 2. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post. No matching records found. Source: CompareRemit. Trying to book OFC appointment dates for H4 Dropbox but it says,Once you make the appointment by selecting the OFC, dropbox locations will be shown on your appointment letter and you can go to any of those locations to submit the documents. ... I have the same experience, it shows as "OFC APPOINTMENT DETAILS" in my appt confirmation and confused looking at it. please share your experience.Hello there, When I scheduled an appointment, I thought I quaIf you want a US visa but don't want to be fingerprinted The instructions to apply for it seemed pretty simple, but now that I am at the stage where I am scheduling the appointment, and it has been very confusing. I appreciate any guidance from you all for the following questions: I want to confirm that the OFC appointment scheduling is in fact the same as the dropbox appointment. But once you see an opening for the OFC and you select that y Confirm the dropbox location; After you get the confirmation for the H-1B visa dropbox, you need to select the country where you will drop off your documents. Pay visa fee; In the next step, you have to pay the visa fee. Choose the type of payment mode as per your preference. Book your appointment; Select the date for your H-1B visa … USA B1/ B2 Visitor Visa. I am eligible for dropbox

My husband had his Dropbox appointment on 3rd January, 2022. ... Delhi VAC/OFC/Biometrics(04-Jan-22): Appointment was at 12 noon, but allowed at 11.15am inside. ... Only principal applicant required. Can't change consulate location, has to be same as Dropbox. Jan 10: Attended in person. Took ~ 2 hrs. Was handed back passports before interview ...Hello, I booked this appointment last year and have no recollection of whether I was marked eligible for a dropbox-only appointment. This is my second H1B visa stamping with a different employer so not sure if I am eligible for interview waiver. The only appointment confirmation I have is for OFC and New Delhi VAC.The delivery address does not have to be your home address. It can be your office address or your family member's home address. Payment Receipt Once the passport is delivered and the payment is made, the receipt will be delievered to the registered email address on either the same day or the next business day. Premium Hold for Collection2 Aug 2023 ... There is a button for Reschedule on the usvisascheduling website but not sure about it. I dont want to risk my existing appointment before ...Manage your U.S. visa applications online with, the official service provider for the Department of State. You can check your status, reschedule or cancel your appointments, and update your personal information.

Most of you know that the US Department of State has updated its guidance and extended the US Visa interview waiver(aka Dropbox) options for non-immigrant visa applicants for 2024 and beyond if they meet specific criteria. The new guidance was effective from January 1st, 2024. As part of the above guidance, the US Visa …Moonstone May 10, 2021, 5:08am 1. Hi, I am eligible under “IW” (interview waiver) for student visa starting Aug 2021. But an OFC (VFS) appointment to drop off my documents is not available. Under the heading “OFC Appointment”, I see CHENNAI IW as my (correct) option, above which is the constant notification in yellow highlight: There ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Need Some help here. So I am traveling to Indi. Possible cause: whiteclay9. When you had self pickup, you would have chosen the location.

Do the same instructions provided on redbus2us using the old portal apply here as well? The instructions there mention we book an appointment in one of the OFCs - New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, or Hyderabad, but can drop off in any valid location in India. I'm planning to book an appointment in New Delhi OFC but drop off in Bengaluru center.I filled up separate DS160 for self, wife & child. All 3 are dropbox eligible. Successfully booked appointment for self and dropped off the documents at VAC. Now want to book appointment for wife and kid. Successfully created the account for Wife and was able to add child as dependent as well. Paid the fees for both i.e. $410.Apr 29, 2023 · What it means is that you can re-schedule or change the appointment for 4 times after your initial appointment. See below screenshot of the exact email inquiry and the response from them. US Visa Reschedule Appointments Count 5 times India Confirmation. US Visa Stamping Receipt Valid 5 times – 4 reschedules – Customer Service Response – 2022.

Step 1: Create an Account. Step 2: Pay the MRV Fee. Step 3: Schedule a Biometric or OFC Appointment. Step 4: Schedule Visa Interview Appointment. How to Cancel a US Visa Appointment? How to Reschedule a US Visa Appointment? What Documents Do You Need to Carry for the Appointment? How to Attend a US Visa Appointment?It is possible to schedule appointments with the Apple Store Genius Bar online at, by utilizing the Apple Store app on a smartphone, or by phone. Appointments ...

The estimated wait time to receive a nonimmigrant visa IW in the dropdown indicates Interview Waiver. I'm trying to renew my mother's visa and until last evening it was showing Chennai IW in the dropdown and no appointments available to schedule but when it did finally open up, I only saw Chennai VAC and other VACs open up. So I had to schedule the VAC appointment and the Consular appointment for a renewal that is previously approved for ... Before Nov 28th, 2021 - Dropbox AppointmAn OFC appointment is required by law for most applicants. Before vi But an OFC (VFS) appointment to drop off my documents is not available. Under the heading "OFC Appointment", I see CHENNAI IW as my (cor… Have been checking from last 10 days no dates for dropbox at any consulate. Not sure whats happening. ... Facing the same issue with dropbox appointment. Are the consulates in India currently closed? To schedule a nonimmigrant visa appointment or How To Book An OFC Appointment. To schedule an appointment for the visa interview, you can visit the website and select the “New … Mar 26, 2021 · We will cover all areas like H1B visa dropboxDS-160 and VAC Dropbox have different appointment locations. Hi - myDesignate Location on DS-160 – Option to Update. You Amit782024. •. Same here. I also received an email from US Visa office, stating that the OFC appointment got cancelled which was in Sep 2024. They removed the OFC appointment . Reply. Ariarikta_sb7. •. Yeah, just carry your appointment confirmation on the day of your scheduled OFC appointment and you should be good.What is an OFC Appointment? An OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) Appointment is part of the U.S. visa application process that involves visiting an offsite center to provide biometric information, including fingerprints and a photograph. OFC appointments are typically required for most U.S. visa applicants. What is the Purpose of an OFC ... Appointment Confirmation · Customer Self-Service. Offici Check with App. Check your eligibility using this simple online app by selecting the country you are applying for a visa. The app can check your interview waiver eligibility (or Dropbox) options for India, Canada, China, Mexico, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, and visa stamping within the USA. Open App in new Window.Since covid, they are requiring appointments for Dropbox. You just have to show up to any Dropbox location at that date and time. Reply. Share. Common-Explorer4978. • 2 mo. ago. OFC appointment is the Dropbox appointment if you are Dropbox eligible.. It's misleading. Reply. If you want to change your dropbox appointment to an in-person[If you aspire to study in the US, the OFC appointment is a cr1. From the appointment confirmation pag My mother has the same issue, she is eligible for dropbox but the Pune center is not visible in the appointment calendar and Mumbai center only shows dates for Nov 2021. Her visa expires in March '21. Did you ever see any centers other than the major VAC cities?Applicants scheduling visa appointments in a location different from their place of residence should check post websites for nonresident wait times. Select a U.S. Embassy or Consulate: Wait Times for Embassy/Consulate. Visa Wait Times. Nonimmigrant Visa Type. Appointment Wait Time. Interview Required Students/Exchange Visitors (F, M, J) -- days.